If you are participating in an upcoming event or creating your own sponsored event, think of the EnGeneIC Cancer Research Foundation when choosing a charity to fundraise for!




Everyday Hero is a platform that was created in 2007, enabling people across the world to fundraise and raise awareness for charities. The EnGeneIC Cancer Research Foundation joined with Everyday Hero in 2016, allowing our supporters to donate online or fundraise through events. Click here to learn more about Everyday Hero and how you can support the EnGeneIC Cancer Research Foundation.

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In February of 2015, Ann Kirkjian, a supporter of our foundation, participated in the Cole Classic Shelley Beach to Manly Beach Swim. With the support of her friends and  family she was able to raise over $600 for the EnGeneic Cancer Research Foundation. We are extremely grateful to Ann and her friends for their support of the foundation.  Great work Ann!

Ann                      Cole-Classic-SMH


If you have an upcoming event and would like to fundraise on our behalf or if you have any questions regarding the foundation, please contact Leigh Tomaszewski ( or 02 8203 5035) for further information.